Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I am still working on my New Year’s resolutions, but the studying one isn’t going very well. I cannot believe how time flies. It is already midterms and I once again fell behind. I am very disappointed with myself. I know better yet I never fail to do this. I should be a few chapters ahead of where I am in my reading yet I let myself get behind and now I am playing catch-up. Ok, I am off my pitty party for now.

I have decided to rejoin a weight loss program that I did off and on while I was pregnant to try to not gain as much weight. It is called Fit Pregnancy. I am able to record what I eat, how much I exercise and my weight. I am then able to see how I am doing and adjust where needed. It also calculates about how many calories I need, since I need more than a typical diet since I am still breastfeeding. Best of all, it is FREE! I love free things that actually work and aren’t junk.

One of my other goals is to become a better communicator with my family. I am a “yeller” and “D” hates to be yelled at, this causes a lot of unnecessary tension and stress in our household. I have really been trying not to yell and go a more positive route instead of retributive. So instead of punishing him I give him choices that I can live with and then when he chooses one that might not be the best he gets to deal with the natural consequences. I am still learning but so far it really seems to be helping. He is able to learn from his mistakes instead of me nagging at him and telling him what to do and he is able to feel like he has some control over himself.

I am also trying to communicate better with Carl. I am trying not to yell or get an attitude when I am frustrated and this is very hard since that is what I know. I am also trying not to get on his case for something that I may not like or agree with and instead express my wishes and leave it alone. This one isn’t going as well as it is with DeShawn but I am still working on it and trying my best.

How is everyone else doing on their New Year’s resolutions or goals?

Monday, January 17, 2011


So as some of you may notice there was a long period that I don't have any posts from. I had posts there but for some reason they vanished from my blog and I don't know where they went. I am trying to recreate what I had written as I know that it was very interesting and informative but it may take me a while. :)

Reflux Update

We took "A" back the GI at Children’s Hospital earlier in the week and have made a few changes. The good news is that "A" gained 7oz in a month and she is happy and talkative. The bad news is that her reflux is still really bad. After we started solids we had to stop them because they were making is so that she didn't sleep at night. Once we stopped them her sleep got a little better but it still wasn't where it was prior to solids. The GI told us that she wasn't 100% sure that the solids were only to blame for her lack of sleeping but to stay off of them while we figure out what the cause is. We decided to start her on Zantac once a day in addition to her Pravacid. We will try this for 2 weeks and see if it helps. If not then I will go off of soy and see if that helps. I am really hoping that the Zantac will help because I don't know what I will do if I have to go off of soy too. I am already missing milk so much and to get rid of soy too, I might just loose it.

Saturday while running errands we decided to stop and have lunch as we were all hungry and we weren't close to being done. We decided to stop at Panda Express for lunch. I had been there before and had asked the people if the food I was interested in had milk, they told me "no." I thought I was safe and I ordered. I really enjoyed it and didn't think anything else until that night. "A" was very fussy and just wasn't herself, I thought that maybe it was from being in the car all day, but it just wasn't right. I decided to look up the food on Panda Express's website and low and behold 3/4 of what I got had milk in it! Who would think that orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp has milk in it? I know that I didn't! So "A" hasn't had a good night sleep for now going on 2 nights. Knowing her it will last a few more before she starts feeling better.

Anyways, I know that things are going to get better even if that means that I have to go off of soy too.