Sunday, October 11, 2009

School, Time, Fun, LIFE....

I cannot believe how fast this quarter is flying by. I am am nose deep in homework and reading but still feel like I am actually learning something. Which is amazing. I am glad that I am only working one day a week, I actually have time to study and try to take a breath. I love being home with "D"! I just wish that we got to do more fun/educational stuff than me studying so much, but I still love it!

We have been doing a lot of art activities, and he is loving every minute of it. Any ideas for fun things for us to do/make?

Also, we are down to speech therapy once a week, as two weeks ago I got a call from Cascade saying that they had talked to Molina and that was our last visit, they called me on the morning of, which pissed me off a bit (I like to know these thigns ahead of time.) So we met with that speech therapist that day and that was it, I miss her, but the other one is GREAT! So we still have speech twice a week.

Also, "D"'s Apraxia seems to be almost resolved, he is talking up a storm, but still stumbles at times. The Dysarthria seems to be a bit more of an issue, his voice still sound funny to me, but that might be just my hearing... I don't know, but the therapist says that she isn't worried about that too much.

But I am loving this "free" time with "D" and Carl. But the money thing is taking some getting used to, I have never had to be so strict with myself, when I had money I am used to spending it right away and then being upset with myself later, but now I HAVE to save it... We will see how it goes.

"D" got pictures taken yesterday at Walmart, their prices have gone up and they are more like the other studios now, the pressure and everything...

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