Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Update....

Life is kicking my butt these days. I am super busy with school and falling behind which I hate, but is so typical for me, which makes it even worse. I started out so determined to stay on top of it and here I am way behind in my reading. Thank goodness for Carl, he is such a great guy that is helping so much around here but I know it is stressful for him to have to do so much and I just hope I can get it together soon and help a little more around here.

"D" is still doing wonderful in school and comes home with so much knowledge. We are having some trouble with him in the evenings, he seems to be getting grumpy around 6:00 and I am thinking it is because he is hungry and getting tired so we are going to have to start getting him to bed a little earlier. He actually read part of a book to me the other night. I almost cried. He sounded out the words and read them to me. He is only 5 and I didn't expect this for quite a while! My baby boy is growing up so fast.

"A" is having troubles with her reflux again and we are going to be taking her to Children's for an evaluation, I have to schedule that soon. SHe was doing so well and then it was like overnight she started spitting up a lot again and crying out in pain. She is still sleeping better thought which is a huge plus for all of us. I hate the thought of her in pain and there is nothing that I can do to help her. It doesn't seem to be waking her up so that is awesome and laying flat doesn't seem to bother her, as long as she has been upright for long enough. Although sometimes after she wakes up from a nap she will spit up even though she hasn't eaten for an hour or two.

I have sold a few of the diapers and I am super happy about that but I would love for them to all be gone now. I am still having a hard time getting rid of them but I love having the money in my PayPal account to hopefully buy something nice, like maybe more diapers. :)

I just bought my first woven wrap and I cannot wait to try it out. I bought if off the Babywearing Swap on Baby Center, which is a an awesome place to get all kinds of advice and buy some great things.

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