Monday, November 22, 2010

New Happenings

So much has happened in the 11 days since I have written. I am still super busy with school but finally got one of my big papers done. That was a huge relief.

DeShawn is sounding out words and starting to really read. He loves to write and has found new love for his Leapfrog Tag Reading System. We have to get him to go to bed sooner as he likes to lay there and read forever. He comes home and writes a bunch of words and rhymes. I am so proud of him. He is growing up so fast right before my eyes. I never imagined that he would do this well in school. I was so afraid for him to go to public school and fall through the cracks but so far he is doing outstanding.

Amari is not sleeping. She is waking up about every hour regardless of whether she is in her crib or our bed with me. She wants to eat sometimes but other times she just screams and cries. We have an appointment at Swedish's GI. Other than that she is doing well. She is rolling all over and trying to sit by herself.

We bought a new car seat to see if she would like riding in the car more, but it only seems to help marginally. It is our first Britax. It is the Marathon 70 and it is adorable and we got a great deal on it. Here she is when we were trying it out in the house.


  1. She is so cute i love the car seat:)its bobbie btw

  2. Thank you Bobbie. I just hope she starts to like the car a little more. I know I would like it more if I got to ride in a seat like this one. :)