Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear "A"

Dear “A”:

I cannot believe that it has been four short months since you were born. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and knowing that you were on your way. I remember the dazed look on your daddies face as he followed me into the bathroom cleaning up after me. I remember waking your brother up and him being so excited that he would get to meet his baby sister. Then going to your NaNa’s house where your brother was while I was in labor and her being so excited as well. I texted Auntie Heather and we were off to the hospital. It was surreal getting there and telling them that I was in labor, that my water had broken. I felt like I was on cloud 9. I was finally meeting my baby girl that I had dreamed about so often since I was young. I just knew that you would be special. When we got up to the room, I was so excited that I could barely sit still, even after not sleeping and being exhausted. I was so determined to get you here safe and sound!

Your arrival was miraculous. It was just like I wanted. You came out and looked around. You barely cried. You were so aware and ready for life. Your dad was awesome! I could see the love in his eyes the moment that he saw you. Auntie Heather was also awesome. She was so helpful and her presence allowed your dad to get some much needed rest as he hadn’t got to sleep at all since the night before. After your birth things got scary. I am not going to dwell on it, I just accept that things were scary and complicated but we are here and healthy.

You are such an amazing baby. You have grown so much since then. You have almost doubled your weight and are growing so nicely. I look at you every day and cannot believe how much you have grown and learned. You are such a shining light for our whole family. You complete our family.

When I see your amazing smile and hear your adorable laugh it makes me smile from the depths of my soul. I see the way that you watch your brother and just imagine the day that you are able to get up and follow him around. I see you outside playing with him in the mud with trucks. I see you running around and playing with dolls, playing dress up and playing in your kitchen. I cannot wait until these days. But I am truly enjoying these days that we get to spend together. I am loving every minute of watching you grow and mature.

You complete our family like I could never have imagined and thank God every day that he has blessed us with your presence! There is so much that I want to show you, so much that I want to teach you and so much that I want for you.

Love Always,

You Mommy

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