Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flats and Daddy

I am so proud of Carl! He is such an awesome daddy and he has taken to cloth diapering like it is nothing. He mainly uses prefolds and covers, instead of the pockets and AIO/AI2 that I bought mainly for him to use. But it is all okay as we still use those for out of the house and at night. Anyways, after I bought my Green Mountain Diapers prefolds and flats many of the flats were defective. They were uneven and basically unusable in the folds that I know how to do. So Green Mountain Diapers sent me a whole new dozen and these are perfect. So now I have over a dozen size large flats for "A" to use now and be able to use for a long time. Anyways, Carl decided that he wanted to try his hand at using flats and this is how it turned out.....

(Please don't mind her chunky legs, nothing is hanging out, just her chunkiness...)


  1. lol chunky babies are healthy babies. And he did a great job folding and snapping. We use prefolds cause daddy wouldn't even try flats, oh well at least he agreed to CD's

  2. I sure love her chunkiness! Thanks. He has come a long way from putting covers on inside out and actually closing them to this! I was worried he wouldn't be on board but he is and I love it!