Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So we had to take "A" back to the doctor today because her reflux seems to be getting bad again and the Zantac does not seem to be doing the trick. Last night was horrible. She woke up in the middle of the night screaming and didn't want to nurse or anything. As soon as Carl sat up and held her she seemed to calm down and go back to sleep, but her screaming lasted quite a while. She has also been throwing up a lot more than she was since being on the Zantac. She is also not sleeping, she doesn't take good naps or sleep too long at night. She is on the maximum dose of the Zantac for her weight, so upping it is not an option. We decided that we needed to try something stronger for her, so she is going to be starting Prevacid.

One of the problems with Prevacid is that it has to be "compounded" from my understanding that is a process of breaking it up and mixing it with a solution to make it a liquid. This also makes it unstable and is only good for 2 weeks at a time. Another problem is that the only pharmacy that the doctor knows about that does this process is right by the office, which is about a half hour away from us. This is fine for doctor visits but now I would like to find one closer that does this.

On top of all of this I think that she is teething, "D" got his first tooth around this age. She is showing all the signs, a lot of drooling (which is common at this age anyways), shoving her hands in her mouth all the time (also common at this age), wanting to chew on everything, and she gets calm and enjoys when I rub her gums for her.

Even on top of that I think I am getting another darn sinus infection! YUCK!!!


  1. My 6 week old is suffering from reflux as well. Our pedi started her on enfamil a.r. on Monday; it helped for awhile but now she's throwing it up, plus she hasn't pooped since Tuesday. Poor girl just screams out in pain in her sleep. We go back to the pedi tomorrow; I was hoping to stay away from medications, but I think that's the road we're headed down...

  2. I am really sorry to hear that. I really didn't want to go the medication route but it was getting worse after I eliminated things from my diet and I felt that it was time to do it. It has made a big difference for us. We just started the new meds tonight and hopefully it will get better again as the Zantac lost effectiveness.