Thursday, October 7, 2010

My love....

I really love my Ergo. Not so much for me to wear anymore, as "A" is not very comfortable in it when I am wearing it. I think that it has to do with my shorter torso and the size of my chest. When she is in it her face is smashed into my chest and she doesn't like that one bit. But I absolutely love it when Carl wears it. I cannot say enough how great it is to have a man who is not afraid to wear the baby.

When we went to my hematology appointment Carl wore her the whole time. Within just a few minutes she had fallen asleep and stayed asleep on his chest for the whole appointment. Then today after taking "D" to school I walk in the door and he is wearing her while he is making himself breakfast. It made my heart melt. I sure love him and how good his is with our children. The Ergo Sport fits him so well and it will fit me again with her. It is just in an awkward stage I think. I am going to try again in about a week and see if it fits better and she is happier.

We bought the Ergo when "A" was only 3 weeks old. We didn't buy the infant insert and instead swaddled her and froggied her legs when she was in it. This worked great. I was the main one wearing her and I loved it! I really love how versatile the Ergo is. I works great for new babies up until they are too big to be worn. You can wear it on the front, the back or the side. I highly recommend it and it is worth every penny. I consider it an investment in my sanity!

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