Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Sunday we spent the afternoon carving pumpkins with the kids. "D" and "C" had a blast and their pumpkins turned out very well. Hope you enjoy. It was still fairly early in the morning so please don't mind the PJ's and messy hair.

"A" really enjoyed watching them while sitting in her Bumbo. Despite the look on her face...

"D" is very proud of his pumpkin that hasn't even been carved yet.
"C" is scaring me with that knife. Thank goodness "A" isn't in her seat anymore.

Sometimes Daddy has to help get the top off.

It was pretty slimy but they both enjoyed it.

"D" used to design his pumpkin.
"C's" work in progress.
This is the final product!

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