Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Mountain Diapers Review

So I got my new diapers from Green Mountain Diapers on Saturday. They had very fast shipping, as I ordered them on Thursday and they came from Vermont! Anyways I ordered a dozen prefolds, red edge, they are a little bit too big on "A" but I couldn't justify the yellow edge when she is so large in the middle they would probably not fit there. I also ordered a dozen large size flats. I have recently fallen in love with flats! They are so versatile and slim fitting under a cover. I can decide where to put the extra absorbency and they are just awesome. Of course they are not for everyone, as cloth may not be for everyone either.

Flats and prefolds are what people typically think of when they think of cloth diapers, and they are what I was so hesitant about using in the beginning. It turns out that I love them. I love both prefolds and flats.

So I got done prepping them and was folding them to put them away and noticed that my flats are very uneven. It is almost as if they were hung by two diagonally opposite corners and stayed that way for a long time. The two corners are very stretched out. So I wrote to Karen, at Green Mountain Diapers and told her of the problem. She took one look at the picture of the defect and is sending me out replacements. I am so happy and thrilled with the great customer service that I want to tell everyone! The diapers are awesome.

I will definitely order from Green Mountain Diapers again for all my flats and prefold needs!

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